Aug 20, 2011

Now, smartphone apps for Anna’s movement

NEW DELHI: The fight against corruption is everywhere. Even in the virtual markets housing apps for smartphones. Several apps have popped up in Android and Ovi, the store used by Nokia smartphones, which claim to keep you in touch with Anna's movement in real-time.

Indian Against Corruption is one such app. According to Aswathi Muralidharan, who is associated with Arvind Kejriwal's Public Cause Research Foundation, the app was developed by a few volunteers. It was uploaded on Android Market on August 6.

A link has also been provided at

The app has news feed, videos, Q&A on various aspects of the Lokpal and a list of events associated with the movement. It also allows users to give miss call or leave voice message at a Mumbai number to express their support for the moment.

The app is available in both Android and Ovi stores. Lokpal Messenger is another such app. This one, however, is available only on Nokia phones.

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