Sep 17, 2011

Ferrari & Maserati - Supercars in India - The fast and the elegant

Four of the most evocative car makers in the business have suddenly jumped into india with some of the hottest cars in the world on offer. We go absolutely hysterical!

 If you haven't heard the name Ferrari till date, you've really been living under a rock. From automotive enthusiasts to housewives, the name and image of the Prancing Horse evokes images of the ultimate in automotive performance and beauty. So much so that the fact that Ferrari will be selling its cars in India is almost a matter of pride of car lovers across the country.

Of course, Ferrari's reputation hasn't come into place overnight. It has been a long standing effort on the part of the Italian sports car maker to estabilish its brand for more than the last 60 years, competing, and winning multiple times, at the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1.

On offer in India is almost the entire range that is currently made, which include the gorgeous drop-top California, the cutting-edge 458 Italia, the high-performance mile-munching 599 GTB and the latest four-wheel drive FF. With one showroom already opened in Delhi and one in Mumbai following shortly, it should go a long way for those with the means to acquire a piece of automotive nirvana, and of course for us enthusiasts (without the means) to brag about who's city has the most Ferraris.

Maserati GranTurismo


One of the oldest sports car brands in the world, Maserati has been churning out high performance and racing cars since as long ago as 1914. Owned by the Fiat Group since 1993, Maseratis have come to share a lot of DNA with Ferrari cars over the last few years, and hence are often regarded as the prettier cousins of the Italian thoroughbreds. Recently though, Maserati as a brand has become associated with Fiat's sports cars group rather than Ferrari, putting it in a similar light as Alfa Romeo.

But the company still represents Italian sports cars in their truest spirit - while Ferraris might impress on the race track, the joy of cruising on a coastal highway along the French Riveara in a Maserati is an experience that would rarely matched by any other car. Maserati has rolled into India with its impressive four-door grand-tourer, the Quattroporte, the supremely elegant two-door GT, the GranTurismo and its even more beautiful than you can believe sister, the topless GranCabrio. Pricing for these beauties resides between Rs. 1.2 crore to Rs. 1.43 crore and the company plans to open showrooms in seven cities by 2015.

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