Dec 18, 2011

Bikes of 2012 : Special Coverage

Bikes of 2012
Come 2012 and the two-wheeler space in the country will reach the brim before exploding with activity that shall last for a long time. With international players eager to get a piece of the second largest two-wheeler market in the world, the market is surely set for exciting new launches in 2012 featuring everything between the volume segment and the import category of motorcycles. The 250cc and the 600cc segments will play a key role with major of the world's motorcycle companies entering these two classes with a host of products including some localized options as well as imports. All in all, the bikers in India have a reason to smile in 2012 and be prepared to part with their cash for there are going to be plenty of interesting options to choose from. Happy vroom year ahead!

Superbikes of 2012 (1,000cc and above) 

Superbikes of 2012 (1,000cc and above)
The big mommas of the motorcycle world have been around for sometime now and this segment needs to stir up big time. 2012 promises to be just that with Kawasaki bringing in its 1,000c plus monster to India as well as some other exciting launches in the luxury cruiser segment to battle with the might of the Harley-Davidsons!
More on Superbikes of 2012 (1,000cc and above)
Expected: late-2012 Price: Rs. 12-14 lakh
Expected: mid-2012 Price: Rs. 13-15 lakh
Expected: late-2012 Price: Rs.18-30 lakh

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