Dec 10, 2010

Cheap PC with Chrome OS - operating system from Google..!

NEW DELHI: Google has launched a test version of the Chrome OS, its much-awaited and delayed internet-centric operating system that analysts say could make the personal computer cheaper by up to 25% in India.

"Chrome OS is essentially a free software," says Sundar Pichai, vice-president for product management at Google, and one of the two leaders of a team that developed the new software.

An operating system makes up for roughly a fifth, and in many cases a fourth, of a PC's cost. For this reason, experts expect a fall in computer prices in 2011 because the Google OS is free. For example, a Rs 22,000 PC shipped from an original equipment maker costs as much because it comes with an operating system priced at nearly Rs 4,000.

Read more: Google Chrome OS to make PCs cheaper - The Times of India

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