Dec 14, 2010

Here r some of the common and new win 7 shortcuts

Win+M: This shortcut minimizes all open windows and programs instantly. Comes in handy when you want to quickly go to the Windows homescreen without manually minimizing the open windows one-by-one.

Win+Shift+M: Maximize all running windows

Win+F: Open the Search window

Alt+Esc: Has the same functionality as Alt+Tab shortcut but with one difference, it toggles the windows in the order they were opened.

Win+Home: this shortcut minimizes all running programs except the one you are currently running.

Win+T: Cycle through taskbar programs, i.e. preview thumbnails one by one and once you are on the program you want to open now, hit Space or Enter

Win+ hit number (1-9): Starts the application in the taskbar in that position

Win+Up/Down: Restores or maximizes the current open window

Ctrl+Shift+N: To create a new folder in the directory

Alt+P: Toggles the preview pane in Windows Explorer

Win+G: Cycle between the Windows Gadgets on your screen

Alt+F4: When focused on the desktop will bring up Shut Down window

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